Entry #35

No more games from me, the end of Mochiads

2014-03-18 14:22:18 by unbelivable

As many of you have heard Mochiads (The game advertisement company) is being shut down, they literally put in their two weeks notice. 

The flash game industry is in a decline and I won't be making games any more. It's just not worth it and I can't make any money doing it, I can't get myself motivated.

This signals the end of games from Talisman (Unbelivable) 


Perhaps in the future I'll make apps or something but for now it's done.


I'm glad to have made a decent amount of games and I hope some of you have played them and got to enjoy them.




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2014-03-18 16:15:24

That's a downer...
Well, good luck in life. :)


2014-03-19 01:03:10

G'luck in yer struggles chummer.


2014-03-19 19:15:18

Don't give up! Make games for love, not money.


2014-03-20 03:07:25

The NG API has worked pretty well for me, maybe give that a shot?


2014-03-20 08:11:38

How much money can you even make with ads? I thought people mostly make these free flash games to entertain others and just because they like doing it. Is there really that much money in it as it sounds by what you say? (some examples would be nice)


2014-03-20 14:56:49

Slap the API from Newgrounds on your games.
They have a pretty solid ad revenue system now.

Also you should keep making content. Otherwise not as many people will anticipate your games.


2014-10-08 17:23:56

Wrong, Video Game Industry has been expanding lately. More gamers are coming around, and are more hard-core into it. You'd be making more profit going solo instead. Make a Single-Sided Online Client server so it's free to have and use for players, and costs nothing when you're going solo on it.